Welcome to Little Learning Steps!
Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford, Ireland
Our goal is to create & inspire

My name is Terri, I am the owner of Little Learning Steps. My business was established in 2021, when I discovered there was a gap in the market for interactive activities for younger children.

I started to make activities in 2019 when my oldest child Zara was one. She loves routine and likes to know what is happening ahead of time. I began to make her interactive visual schedules. These schedules were fantastic to prepare her for changes and to give her choice which resulted in her being a calmer and content child.

In 2020 when the country was locked down and I was home daily with Zara, I found her screen time was increasing daily. This definitely affected her energy levels! We started to use visual timetables to plan out activities in our day. I wanted to create time in the day for Zara to do independent activities and also for both of us to sit down and explore activities together, this is when I created my learning booklets.

In 2021 when I was expecting my second child, I found the booklets very useful for Zara, they helped her become more independent ahead of our new arrival. She progressed from matching independently to completing the first learning booklet independently. I began to extend her learning by creating more booklets, each booklet providing more challenges and learning skills.

Family and friends started to trial my booklets and loved how interactive they were….and here we are today!

Little Learning Steps